Suicide Working Members

Gregory K. Brown, Ph.D.,Chair        

University of Pennsylvania


Sean Joe, Ph.D.

University of Michigan


David A. Brent, M.D.

University of Pittsburgh


Lauren Weinstock, Ph.D.

Brown University


Matthew Nock, Ph.D.

Harvard University                




RTI Management Team

Carol Hamilton, Ph.D., Principal Investigator      


Violet Devairakkam, B.A., Working Group Manager


Tabitha Hendershot, B.A., Co-Investigator


Deborah Maiese, M.P.A., Consensus Coordinator


Wayne Huggins, Ph.D., Working Group Supervisor               


Amanda Riley, PMP, Project Manager



Mental Health Research Panel Liaisons

Danny Pine, M.D.

National Institutes of Health   

Chris Hendricks Brown, Ph.D

Northwest University


National Institute of Mental Health Liaison

Jane Pearson, Ph.D.

National Institute of Mental Health   


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Liaison

Asha Ivey-Stephenson, Ph.D.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 


Department of Defense Liaisons

LTC Dennis McGurk, Ph.D.

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Katharine W. Nassauer, Ph.D.

U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC)


Veteran's Affairs Liaisons

Theresa Gleason, Ph.D.

Department of Veterans Affairs


Samantha Smith, Ph.D.

Department of Veterans Affairs


 Peter Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Denver VA Medical Center, MIRECC