PhenX Toolkit Release Details

April 15, 2011, Ver 4.3

Release includes: 1) Browse Collection 2) Associated measures at Browse Measure page 3) Browse Supplemental Information 4) View all result 5) Select/Unselect search results 6) Resource update

Details for this release:

  • Browse Collection page - Browse measures across domains via Collections
  • Associated measures at Browse Measure page - Associated measures (Essential Measures, Related Measures and Collections) for each measure added at Browse Measure page
  • Browse Supplemental Information page - List all Supplemental Information from all domain
  • View All Results - View all result on the search result page
  • Select/Unselect Search Results - Select/Unselect search results and Add Selected Measures to Cart
  • Toolkit Resource updated - 1) Glossary of Terms updated 2) Criteria for Evaluating Measures added 3) Welcome to the PhenX Toolkit section on homepage updated 4) Toolkit Guidance section on homepage updated