PhenX Toolkit Release Details

July 30, 2009, Ver 2.3

Release includes: 1) PhenX Anthropometrics (no changes), ii) PhenX Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances Measures (no changes), iii) PhenX Demographics Measures (no changes), CDE reference page added (replaces CDE Resource PDF), Notes feature added (for registered users), site rating mechanism added, and navigational & cart improvements.

Details for this release:

  • Registered users can now add Notes to Measures & Protocols.
  • Reports can now optionally include Notes you may have made for Measures and Protocols.
  • CDE Browse page added (improved replacement of the downloadable PDF - CDE Resource).
  • Improvements to the Cart, including Measure highlighting, Measure completion progress indicators, and being able to navigate back to the Domain, Measure or Protocol that you were previously on.
  • More related projects & links entries added
  • Page added that provides details to interested parties on how to link to the PhenX Toolkit site from their site.
  • Burden Level (e.g. Low, High) removed from Burden Table display in Protocols