Roles and Responsibilities of the PhenX Steering Committee

The PhenX Steering Committee (SC) is small group of distinguished experts from the scientific community who provide overarching guidance to the PhenX project and promote the use of the PhenX Toolkit. The roles and responsibilities of the SC include the following:

Guide Working Groups and Expert Review Panels

  • Suggest candidates for Working Groups (WG) and Expert Review Panels (ERP)
  • Provide the scope of research domains to WGs
  • Review progress and provide guidance to  WGs and ERPs
  • Participate as SC Liaisons to WGs and ERPs
  • Review WG and ERP recommendations and approve final measurement protocols for the Toolkit

Communication and Consensus Building

  • Help build consensus in the scientific community on this project and its deliverables
  • Identify opportunities for interactions and communications with the scientific community
  • Coordinate with related initiatives at National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies
  • Communicate on an ongoing basis with the RTI team to ensure that the PhenX Toolkit is a practical and effective resource and continues to meet the evolving needs of the biomedical research community

Meeting Attendance

  • Attend two in-person SC meetings a year in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area
  • Participate in SC conference calls (typically 3-4 per year)

Current and Past Committee Members