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This protocol includes 10 questions from the 2016 Nebraska Worksite Wellness Survey that are used to assess a respondent’s exposure to and compliance with worksite policies on tobacco.

Specific Instructions

The WG recommends that investigators consider clearly defining "tobacco products" by noting whether that definition includes or excludes certain types of related products based on these criteria: products that are intended for human consumption; made or derived from tobacco; typically contain nicotine, but sometimes do not; and are not Food and Drug Administration-approved tobacco-cessation products.

The Content Expert Panel suggests investigators consider nicotine as derived from any source, including both natural and synthetic, when administering this protocol.

The Content Expert Panel recommends investigators substitute people-first language (i.e. replace behavior-based labels such as “smoker” with “people who smoke”) as outlined in Hefler, M. et al 2023, which may differ from the original protocol text.



Tobacco Cessation Program
Our worksite:
YesNoNot SureN/A
a. Has in the past 12 months, offered incentives to employees to quit tobacco use.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
b. Has in the past 12 months, offered employees who use tobacco products, a quit tobacco program or any other help to quit tobacco.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
c. Has in the past 12 months, offered free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to employees who use tobacco products to help quit.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
Worksite Tobacco Policies
Our worksite:
a. Has adopted a policy that restricts smoking within a certain distance from the entrance of the building.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
b. Allows smoking outside only in certain places.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
c. Has a policy that prohibits smoking in outdoor work areas.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
d. Has adopted a policy that prohibits smoking on the whole worksite campus.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
e. Has adopted a policy that prohibits smoking in all company or agency vehicles.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
f. Has adopted a policy that prohibits the use of chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, or dip in the workplace.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
g. Has adopted a policy that prohibits the use of electronic tobacco products such as e-cigarettes in the workplace.[ ][ ][ ][ ]
Personnel and Training Required


Equipment Needs


Requirement CategoryRequired
Major equipment No
Specialized training No
Specialized requirements for biospecimen collection No
Average time of greater than 15 minutes in an unaffected individual No
Mode of Administration

Self-administered questionnaire




Adults (18+)

Selection Rationale

The 2016 Nebraska Worksite Wellness survey assesses worksite policies that affect access to cessation treatment and employee exposures to a variety of tobacco products (i.e., cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes. 


English, Other languages available at source

Derived Variables


Process and Review

The Tobacco Regulatory Research (TRR) Content Expert Panel (CEP) reviewed the measures in the Tobacco Regulatory Research collection in February 2024.   

Guidance from the TRR CEP includes:

•    Replaced protocol
•    New Data Dictionary

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Protocol Name from Source

Nebraska Worksite Wellness Survey, 2016


Sedani, A., Coyle, B., Horne, K., Stover, D., Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health. 2016 Nebraska Worksite Wellness Survey Report. Mar 2017

General References

Hefler, M., Durkin, S.J., Cohen, J.E., Henriksen, L., OConnor, R., Barnoya, J., Hill, S.E. and Malone, R.E., 2023. New policy of people-first language to replace ‘smoker’, ‘vaper’, ‘ tobacco user’ and other behaviour-based labels. Tobacco control, 32(2), pp.133-134.

Unger JB, Chaloupka FJ, Vallone D, Thrasher JF, Nettles DS, Hendershot TP, Swan GE. PhenX: environment measures for tobacco regulatory research. Tobacco Control. 2020 Jan;29(Suppl 1):s35.

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Tobacco Regulatory Research: Environment
Measure Name

Worksite Policies

Release Date

May 3, 2024


This measure is used to assess adult exposure to and compliance with worksite policies on tobacco.


The purpose of this measure is to gain an understanding of a respondent’s exposure to and compliance with tobacco-related worksite policies.


worksite policies; Worksite tobacco policy; worksite tobacco policies;  tobacco; smoking; tobacco product use; environment 

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