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The Patient Global Impression of Change scale is a single, self-administered question asking respondents to rate how their condition has changed since a certain point in time. This protocol was validated in individuals aged 18 years and older who were being treated for chronic pain.

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Patient Global Impression of Change

Since the start of the study, my overall status is:

1 [ ] Very Much Improved

2 [ ] Much Improved

3 [ ] Minimally Improved

4 [ ] No Change

5 [ ] Minimally Worse

6 [ ] Much Worse

7 [ ] Very Much Worse

Personnel and Training Required


Equipment Needs


Requirement CategoryRequired
Major equipment No
Specialized training No
Specialized requirements for biospecimen collection No
Average time of greater than 15 minutes in an unaffected individual No
Mode of Administration

Self-administered questionnaire


Adult, Senior


Adults aged 18 years and older being treated for chronic pain

Selection Rationale

The Patient Global Impression of Change is a short questionnaire that has been widely used in clinical trials for chronic pain and provides a responsive and interpretable assessment of how a participant evaluates changes in their status. Being short, it is easy to administer and interpret results, and it is reliable for testing and retesting over a 24-hour period. Additionally, there are strong correlations between patient satisfaction measures and results from this protocol.



Derived Variables


Process and Review

Not Applicable

Protocol Name from Source

Patient Global Impression of Change (PGIC)


Farrar, J. T., Young, J. P., Jr, LaMoreaux, L., Werth, J. L., & Poole, M. R. (2001). Clinical importance of changes in chronic pain intensity measured on an 11-point numerical pain rating scale. Pain, 94(2), 149-158.

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PX860801010000 Since the start of the study, my overall more
status is: show less
Measure Name

Patient Reported Impression of Change

Release Date

May 18, 2022


A measurement based on a report coming directly from the participant regarding the change in status of their overall health.


This measure provides study participants the opportunity to assess the change in their health status.


pain, treatment effectiveness, sickle cell, sickle cell disease, sickle cell disease pain

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860801 Patient Global Impression of Change

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